Believe Inn
Out Of Towners

Summer Schedule

Porous Walker -- San Francisco
Opening: May 30th 2009

David Horvitz -- New York
Opening: June 27th 2009

Chris Silva & Lauren Feece -- Puerto Rico
Opening: July 31st 2009

Ephameron -- Belgium
Opening: August 29th 2009

Trevor Reese -- New York
Opening: September 26th 2009

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That's It..., 2009


Ferris Bueller
Porous Walker
With Gabe Levinson & Timothy Pigott

Opening: Saturday, May 30th 2009 6-10 PM

Show runs through June 21st (Closing Sunday June 21st 1-4pm)

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The Believe Inn is extremely pleased to announce the 2009 summer lineup entitled "The Out-Of-Towners." Artists from New York, California, Puerto Rico, and Belgium will visit the Believe Inn. They will be enjoying the Chicago summer, as well as creating epic installations in the Buck Town project space.

The season will begin with an explosion, bringing in Porous Walker from San Francisco. As always, Porous's pieces will be affordable, and in some cases free. Money and free prizes will also be given out during the opening. This will be an experience not to be missed. The show, entitled "Ferris Bueller" can be summed up with this quote from the artist: "The movie was pretty good, but the artshow will be better."

San Francisco based Porous Walker and Chicago Natives, Gabe Levinson and Timothy Pigott will bring to life parts of the motion picture that were never seen. Mixed Media, illustration, Sculpture, Performance and other things will be featured in the show. No stranger to controversy, this trio was recently detained in Mexico while installing a large sculpture on the roof of Presidente Fox's country home. They have been bailed out and will be present at the opening.

Gabe Levinson is an editor for Make: A Chicago Literary Magazine and a consulting editor for the online journal Is Greater Than. He is the founder of the Book Bike, which you can learn all about at Something To Read. Gabe can be found around Chicago drunker than you with a group called Reading Under the Influence. As a producer, Gabe created The John & Bill Show (2007) the first and only collaboration between animators Bill Plympton and John Kricfalusi. In 2008, he produced and managed animator Don Hertzfeldt's 16-city sold-out tour An Evening with Don Hertzfeldt, which is making its way to a select few cities around the world in 2009.

Timothy Pigott is a Chicago based artist that enjoys parking blocks, public transportation, newspaper obituaries and creating small publications. His artwork involves repurposing office and warehouse supplies to create twilight zone influenced pictures. He recently opened a PO Box. You can learn more about his adventures at

Porous Walker is a Chimpanzee at heart. He once met David Copperfield. His artwork has been featured in magazines and galleries around the world. His art is a reflection of the concepts and ideas derived from observing and absorbing the worlds around him. He likes laughing and trying to make others feel the same way. He was voted 'Best Cartoonist' in San Francisco by the San Francisco Weekly in 2006, after that he stopped being funny.