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Summer Schedule

Porous Walker -- San Francisco
Opening: May 30th 2009

David Horvitz -- New York
Opening: June 27th 2009

Chris Silva & Lauren Feece -- Puerto Rico
Opening: July 31st 2009

Ephameron -- Belgium
Opening: August 29th 2009

Trevor Reese -- New York
Opening: September 26th 2009

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Couples Meditation Party, 2008

Mating Call
Chris Silva & Lauren Feece

Opening: Friday, July 31st 2009 6-10 PM

Show runs through August 23rd

We are a recently married couple who have been enjoying the processes & challenges of collaborating and also find ourselves influencing each other in our solo work, both artistically, and more generally speaking, as human the idea of "mating calls" seems fitting in more ways than one. In the act of "mate calling" the would be lovers make calls to each other until their sounds weave into a sweet love song or just plain sweet love. That seems to sum up nicely (and a bit idealistically) how these collaborations have been taking shape.

This will be a small showing of some of the individual and collaborative works we've made within our last 2+ years of living in Puerto Rico. We live on 16 acres of land - basically a small plot of jungle along a river - and try our best to only leave the property for survival supplies and beach time. The isolation and break from the hustle of the city has been lovely and is creating a nice space to explore new directions and re-examine the roles we wish to play as artists. This show will be going up just before our first wedding anniversary and strangely enough we have just been slotted for another collaborative show which happens to be opening up the day before Valentines Day... we're starting to wonder if all of our shows will be so incredibly cute.